Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What's Playing on Your iPod?

As I stated in this post on October 20th with the addition of video playback to the iPod, we now have the advantage of having porn with us 24/7. Now it gets even better... at least for the girls.

When I'm traveling I always like to ask people what they are listening to on their iPod. I will pay particular attention to the ladies from now on.

From The Sun:

APPLE'S iPod is set to bring even more pleasure to music lovers this Christmas - after boffins invented a vibrator that moves in time with the songs.

The £25 iBuzz connects up to the gizmo and pulses while each tune is played.

When the volume is pumped up, the vibrations get faster as the music gets louder.

Ali Carnegie, of adult-store www.LoveHoney.co.uk, said the firm is already on the verge of selling out of the bullet-sized device before Christmas.

She said its inconspicuous design has been a big winner with women and claims the sex toy, totally unrelated to Apple, is perfect for giving users "big smiles on their way to work".

Jessamy Hawley, of Gadget Candy - a technology website aimed at women - believes combining two female passions is sure to prove a No1 hit.

She added: "The iPod is this era'’s must-have accessory, while a vibrator is a timeless addition to every girl's gadget drawer.

"Entwine the two and you'’ve got the ultimate cheeky Christmas stocking filler."

The iBuzz is not the first tech-inspired vibrator.

Earlier this year, the Internet Enabled Rabbit was released, which allows lovers to hook up through cyberspace, while another on sale connects to a mobile phone and vibrates when a text message is received.


At 3:35 PM, Blogger jrepka said...

You know, that Bill O'Reilly likes the vibrator as well: www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/1013043mackris17.html (See item No. 81)- YIKES!


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