Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Progressive Talk on Armed Forces Network?.. Not quite yet.

I'm sure that we have all, at one time or another, listened to Air America or some of the other new progressive talk radio.
I often try to listen to Al Franken in the morning. It's a great example of what intelligent progressive talk radio could be. I do miss Katherine though...

The other show that I try to catch as often as possible is the Ed Shultz Show. Ed does his show from Fargo North Dakota, which in it's self gives the show a flavor that is definitely not from the right or left coast. He does not screen callers, which makes for an entertaining afternoon, and he also throws in just a splash of sports.

I believe that he has the best chance out of all of the progressive talk shows to make it into the mainstream. He sits just left of center and sounds like the ex-sportscaster-turned-talk-show-host. He has just broke into his 100th market and he was to begin to get an hour a day on Armed Forces Network this past Monday. Friday was the day that the 'spontaneous' video conference that Dubya was to have with some servicemen in Iraq, that was blown up by some pool footage showing Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Allison Barber coaching the soldiers before the conference. Well 'Big Eddie' has some fun with the story as did John Stewart anyone with a sense of humor.

Monday morning, the day was supposed to begin on AFN, Ed's producer received a phone call from Allsion Barber telling him that the show would not be carried. People for the American Way have been watching this and it is starting to get some other media attention.


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