Saturday, October 08, 2005

Who do you digg?

I have been merely observing the blogosphere for the last several months. It is a curious world. There are many reasons why people blog. Some, like my buddy Blake, and his Road To Know Where are trying to help people with their PC troubles… or so it seems.

I have been watching Blake’s ‘Road To Know Where’ evolve over the last few months. It started as a whim… a way for Blake to not have to keep sending our his PC news updates to all of his clients, friends and family. I was happy that he stopped sending those out, because while I am a good friend, I am also a life long Mac user. That’s right, I have NEVER owned a PC in my life. And while I may find his article on sending anonymous email interesting, I have no use for October 5th’s entry New Windows XP MSCONFIG.

My favorite blogs are political. Daily Kos is my favorite. My good friend John has also turned me onto Juan Cole's Blog for the latest news and insightful commentary on the Middle East and Talking Points Memo for a great liberal commentary on what’s up in all things political.

Having access to stuff like this makes this whole blogging thing worthwhile.

Finally my guilty pleasure blog is The Defamer This is the best inside scoop that you can get on the entertainment industry.

More later… like how certain people become obsessed with that number of diggs that they get at


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Blake Handler said...

I'm very proud -- Mozeltov! :-)


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