Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Boring Canadian Names

What is up with Canada?

I was just reading a story about a dispute within the Canadian Parliament about the export and pricing of soft wood (hehe...soft wood...), and anyhoozle, the three principles involved in the discussion are;

Paul Martin (Prime Minister, of course)
David Wilkins (US Ambassador)
Stephen Harper (Conservative leader of Parliament)
Jack Layton (New lefty Democrats)

Setting aside the issue, because, well...What is up with those generic names of Canadians. It's not a completely homogenous society, you know. Use a little flair. Whatever happened to those hockey player names like Marcel Dionne or Jacques Lemair or Gilles Desjardins. Even Joni Mitchell seems sort of adventurous compared to the Neil Young, Anne Murray, or BRYAN Adams (by the way, please don't yell "Summer of '65!" at a RYAN Adams show because it really pisses him off! Wait...maybe you should do that. Cuz it's fun!)

Now I certainly don't want to imply that these people aren't dynamic individuals or anything (after all, I'm moving there if we keep f---ing up the world) - just for moms and dads in Canada to throw in a Nigel or a Samson or a Indira or a Calliope here and there.



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