Friday, January 27, 2006

Bushes Disappear GOP's good to be dictator!

Just because Bush intervenes for Abramoff by disappearing prosecutors and because he appointed him to the transition team in 2000 and he was one of Bush’s chief fundraisers in 00 and 04 and because he’s been close friends with Karl Rove for the last 25 years does not mean that Bush knows him.

However, ripped from today’s headlines…the lead prosecutor in the Abramoff fraud case in D.C. is leaving because Bush has appointed him to a federal judgeship:

The promotion of Noel L. Hillman, Chief of the Justice Department's public integrity division and lead prosecutor in the Abramoff case, ends his involvement in an inquiry that has reached into the administration as well as the top ranks of the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill.

....Colleagues at the Justice Department say Mr. Hillman has been involved in day-to-day management of the Abramoff investigation since it began almost two years ago. The inquiry, which initially focused on accusations that Mr. Abramoff defrauded Indian tribes out of tens of millions of dollars in lobbying fees, is being described within the department as the most important federal corruption investigation in a generation.

In 2002, there was a grand jury investigating Abramoff’s bribery of Superior Court officials in Guam involving Republican efforts to kill labor reform legislation there. The prosecutor in that case, Frederick A. Black, was replaced by Bush the day after he issued an order to court officials to turn over all relevant documents in the case. The investigation died there.

And, from Florida last month;

The Florida prosecutor investigating radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh will soon be weighing cases rather than prosecuting them.

Gov. Jeb Bush has announced Assistant State Attorney James Martz has been appointed a Palm Beach County judge, filling a vacancy left after this year's legislative session.


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