Monday, March 06, 2006


Billy Paul: I want.. a triple cone. Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla. That's red, black and white, together.

: If only the world could get along as this ice cream cone.. Billy Paul wouldn't have to kill so many people.

To quote Defamer's liveblog of the Oscars:

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! God help us all. The sky has opened, Beezlebub has dumped his infernal payload of obvious evil on an unsuspecting Earth. Life as we know it is over. Drive to the desert and start a new civilization, hoping that our horrible, horrible mistakes will not be repeated. This is the end, friends. See you in Hell.

And then you try and think happy thoughts, but you can't get your mind off that thing on Charlize Theron's shoulder...


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