Monday, October 31, 2005

I've never been so proud to be a 'gumba'

From Daily Kos; Hunter's diary, who is a typically serene and informative blogger, reacts to Drudge and others, calling the left's objection to Alito a racist 'anti-Italian American' attack.

My Papa would be proud.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I guess Sheryl Swoopes really did open the door...

How 'bout them White Sox!

Congratulations, Ozzie. On the World Series win, and also on however and whoever you want to celebrate with. There's champagne in the locker room...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Is Paris Hilton our hero, the wind beneath our wings?

I recall about six months ago, the LA Times covered the thousands of mothers and daughters who'd turned out at Brea Mall for a personal appearance by Paris Hilton. I read, by both generations in attendance that Ms. Hilton was a hero, as in "She's a hero to my daughter" (and no, hero in Paris' case is not meant as a misspelled anagram).

If Hero is how someone describes Paris Hilton, what word do we use for Rosa Parks?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Is Dubya back on the blow?

Today's New York Daily news ran an article on our President's state of mind , in recent days. It seems that dubya has been frustrated and angry. I can't imagine why?

I believe that he is back to his old habits... woofing down some rails, to escape reality.

I mean come on! Who doesn't think that they can rule the world after a few lines?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Congresswoman Sanchez throws down some raunch!

Well it's not exactly raunchy but the Congresswoman who reps the great city of La Mirada put out a list today, of the top ten reasons that she won't date a Republican.

My favorite is #5:

Because when Republicans say that they want to create opportunities for minorities, that means they want to date me and [her sister] Loretta.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Porn for the Video iPods!!!!!

Staying in the adult theme...

You knew it would happen... but this fast!? Porn has been instrumental in the launching of VHS and then the internet and now porn will take the video iPod to become the best selling personal media player ever!

Think of the possibility with porn in your pocket, totally accessible 24/7....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Praying for Rain...

This ad for Playboy is posted on a billboard in Dusseldorf, Germany, before and after a rain storm. The content is risque in America, Saudi Arabia, and other places where democracy is on the run, but is harmless through most of the civilized world.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Progressive Talk on Armed Forces Network?.. Not quite yet.

I'm sure that we have all, at one time or another, listened to Air America or some of the other new progressive talk radio.
I often try to listen to Al Franken in the morning. It's a great example of what intelligent progressive talk radio could be. I do miss Katherine though...

The other show that I try to catch as often as possible is the Ed Shultz Show. Ed does his show from Fargo North Dakota, which in it's self gives the show a flavor that is definitely not from the right or left coast. He does not screen callers, which makes for an entertaining afternoon, and he also throws in just a splash of sports.

I believe that he has the best chance out of all of the progressive talk shows to make it into the mainstream. He sits just left of center and sounds like the ex-sportscaster-turned-talk-show-host. He has just broke into his 100th market and he was to begin to get an hour a day on Armed Forces Network this past Monday. Friday was the day that the 'spontaneous' video conference that Dubya was to have with some servicemen in Iraq, that was blown up by some pool footage showing Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Allison Barber coaching the soldiers before the conference. Well 'Big Eddie' has some fun with the story as did John Stewart anyone with a sense of humor.

Monday morning, the day was supposed to begin on AFN, Ed's producer received a phone call from Allsion Barber telling him that the show would not be carried. People for the American Way have been watching this and it is starting to get some other media attention.

Dealing With Fitzmas

I had to cross post this from dkos.

Every time that I think that I spend too much time trolling the blogs, I find something like this.

It's so true...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

My project part 1 - The Demo

Remember the patio?
We had some good times out there!

The side of the garage before we began.

The city made us make the garage 'two car" before they would let us add the new bedroom.

The demoltion begins.

It's amazing how much concrete, tile and dirt had to be removed.

So far we have removed 24 cubic yards of concrete and tile and 32 cubic yards of dirt.

Our Community...

In the spirit of building a 'community' here at the Gee Spot, I would like to offer the suggestion that the contributors offer up any personal projects that they may be working on at the time, in addition to our ruminations on poitics and life. For instance Repka could offer some artwork, Herman can offer up some of his writting.

To move this along I will be posting an ongoing series on my most creative endeavor at the moment:

My Remodal and Addition...

The Referendum...

Riverbend (... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend...) is a young adult woman who authors Baghdad Burning. She posts bi-monthly or thereabouts, and her take on the day-to-day inside of such an unstable environment is heartbreaking and yet her descriptions of the interaction with her family and her community remind us that Baghdad is not that different from life here.

It makes a fine companion to Juan Cole's blog, which is linked on this page and which Greg has mentioned...her latest is from yesterday, just before the vote...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wycleaf and Norah

Two of my favorites; Wycleaf Jean and Norah Jones have recorded a new single called "Any Other Day". They have been playing if on Morning Becomes Eclectic this week. Great track... And it's for hurricane relief.
It's only available on MSN's music service... no iTunes... yet.

I refuse to link to MSN Music.

Shwartzenagger - Pro Choice?

As the campaign for the very very special election in California gets underway in earnest, it seems that Gov. Gropenfuhrer is trying to rally the Christian conservatives around Proposition 73. Proposition 73, you say? I know about propositions 74 through 77... I mean how can you not... all those TV commercials with the teachers and firefighters.

As it turns out Arnold has been paying visits to Christian radio stations stumping his support on propositions 74 through 77... and then he mentions proposition 73, which creates a law that would require anyone under 18 years of age to get parental permission to get an abortion. Which initiative do you think will interest them most?

Here's the link to the LA Times article Praise the Lord and Pass the Initiative.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 sez "Arnold: Not So Good" (Starbucks, Yes; Dominos, No) e-mailed me today to tell me that, I hope you're all sitting down, Gov. Gropenfuhrer may not have our best interest at heart with his little special election deal next month, and they spell it all out with their Special election Proposition analysis.


Fit Like Who?????

It seems that Big Time has had another disappointment. Poor guy!
Scooter Libby is about to be indicted, he just had two aneurysms removed behind his knees AND "Fit Like Dick" , a diet and exercise book written by Cheney, has had it's release postponed again.

Well it's a good thing that his Halliburton stock is doing well.

List of U.S. Presidential religious affiliations

I've always operated under the impression that this type of reference material would be Esoterica, but the right keeps introducing us to Miss Information. The only way to fight off Miss Information's advances is with the garlic necklace of knowledge, Wikipedia...

Link: List of US Presidential religious affiliations

Also, The Jefferson Bible, if you're not familiar, was Jefferson's attempt at pulling all of the supernatural elements out of the bible and sticking to Jesus' message about everybody being cool to everybody...

Sliming Al Gore

Spin becomes Truth becomes Legend. One of my essential blogs is the Daily Howler. The blog's author, Bob Somerby, is obsessed with spin that works it's way into myth because of a lazy, dilettante, mainstream press corps.

Legend No. 1: "It was the right-wing media who slimed Al Gore in 2000 and put GWB into the White House." Somerby has an avalanche of writing from over the years which shows how The New York Times and the Washington Post led the charge on Al Gore for 18 months prior to the election (partly because of personal animus towards him - also disdain for both of the Clintons being the main reasons).

The reason I write about this is because he returns to the subject today (hit the link above and scroll down to "Born Too Late:", and read his blog as often as possible, because it's pretty compelling...

The Vatican Needs Candace Bushnell

More Harriet fun...

I just heard on the news that Harriet is looking forward to being seriously dril--wait...okay--grilled by Senate Judiciary members...

Harriett! Harriet Loves! Harriet Loves Greeting Cards! (Wonkette)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ALCS Game One

5.15: Angels plane to Chicago is diverted to DC for meet & greet with Harriet Miers. They arrive at U.S. Cellular field for game one approximately 35 minutes before game time...
5.22: First annoying Fox post-season gimmick arrives in the form of an annoying animated baseball (looking like the progeny of Ralph Reed and Fred Durst) with an annoying explanation of the split-finger fastball...
5.33: GA goes yard. 1-0 Halos...
5.58: The gutty street toughness of these Angels recalls Journey during the "Separate Ways" era...
6.41: Lou Pinella should not consider a career as an announcer...
7.40: One inning to go. There's simply NO WAY they can lose now...
8.12: Halos 3, Pale Hose 2...Brother what a night it really was, brother what a fight it really was, glory be!

You know...For Kids!

From Atrios: Time to start thinking about what goes under the Xmas Bush!

Harriet Mier's Blog

Finally all of the information that we need to make this critical decision.
The blog of the #1 smartest President ever's #1 pick to be the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Morre vs Bush

Go check out this great Slate article by Timothy Noah about Judge Moore.

Good times!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Who do you digg?

I have been merely observing the blogosphere for the last several months. It is a curious world. There are many reasons why people blog. Some, like my buddy Blake, and his Road To Know Where are trying to help people with their PC troubles… or so it seems.

I have been watching Blake’s ‘Road To Know Where’ evolve over the last few months. It started as a whim… a way for Blake to not have to keep sending our his PC news updates to all of his clients, friends and family. I was happy that he stopped sending those out, because while I am a good friend, I am also a life long Mac user. That’s right, I have NEVER owned a PC in my life. And while I may find his article on sending anonymous email interesting, I have no use for October 5th’s entry New Windows XP MSCONFIG.

My favorite blogs are political. Daily Kos is my favorite. My good friend John has also turned me onto Juan Cole's Blog for the latest news and insightful commentary on the Middle East and Talking Points Memo for a great liberal commentary on what’s up in all things political.

Having access to stuff like this makes this whole blogging thing worthwhile.

Finally my guilty pleasure blog is The Defamer This is the best inside scoop that you can get on the entertainment industry.

More later… like how certain people become obsessed with that number of diggs that they get at